Over the past few years, the freight industry in general has experienced a digital shift. Instead of dealing with freight brokers or middlemen in the process, many shippers have eliminated them by adapting online load boards.

Posting loads online on load boards are quickly becoming the popular and ideal way to efficiently and economically move your cargo. You can save money by finding a reliable carrier on your own,instead of paying a freight broker for doing the exact same job.

However, as load boards have increased rapidly on the internet, it’s hard to know which ones are best for shippers. So, let’s explore about best direct shipper load board.

Before I list out the best direct shipper load boards, let’s see how a Load Board works?

For those who are unfamiliar with this concept, a load board is an online system that allows shippers to post loads they want to ship anywhere at any time. Shippers mention all the necessary details about the load they want to transport. These include pick-up and drop-off locations, freight type, size, and other relevant information. 

Carriers checking for online loads who meet the shippers’ requirements can then apply or place a bid to do the job.

What’s special about using online load boards is that they are a great addition to your current list of carriers. If there’s a problem with a driver or your capacity increases, a load board is a useful tool platform to rely on.

Below listed are the 5 best direct shipper load boards:

1. DAT Loadboard

This is one of the most sophisticated load boards in the market. Many companies prefer DAT to run their businesses. More than half a billion loads are posted on this load board annually. It’s the largest network to post and find loads and run your business seamlessly.

Tools such as fuel prices, average market lane information, routing details, and others just make this load board a one-stop hub for your shipping and trucking business

By using DAT Load board, shippers can:

  • Build their network and find truck drivers quickly – Shippers can find owner-operators with trucks for every type of load, including exception freight.

    DAT is a shipper’s ticket to the most trusted freight marketplace in the industry. Shippers and brokers post more than 1 million loads on this load board every business day, with point-to-point pricing data for more than 68,000 lanes.

    In addition, their carrier monitoring tools make it quicker and easier to find and qualify reliable carriers because the reviews from other companies help you make the right choice every time.
  • Manage their transportation spend – DAT’s data on new freight trends gives insight into what’s happening in the market, so shippers can manage their expenses effectively.

    DAT’s shipper load boards do more than just let you post or find loads, they monitor the numbers on $150 billion of real transactions to bring you the most accurate market rate data. So, standardize your costs against market trends, use average rates to make better pricing decisions and improve your profit margin.
  • Make informed, strategic business decisions – With more ways to move freight than we had ever before, DAT makes it simpler to find capacity, improve your planning, and utilize past demand and rates to determine your next decision.

    We save you the hassle of finding carriers and independent truck drivers, negotiating a rate, and tracking down invoices so that you can focus on getting your loads delivered.

Pricing: DAT is a premium load board with different price packages for shippers, carriers, and brokers.

  • Shipper pricing is negotiated via direct communication
  • Whereas, for carriers, pricing starts at $45/month up to $295/month.
  • And, for brokers, three packages are available for $139, $235, and $365 a month.

2. Trucker Path

It is North America’s most well-known online board for shippers. It offers a free load board, meaning that shippers can post loads, filter those loads, owner operators can search for loads, and contact freight brokers without paying a fee.

You (shipper) can filter the loads that have you have uploaded using the following options that are available in the online load board app:

A glimpse at Trucker Path:

Pricing: TruckLoads users save an average of $50 – $70 every time they refuel. You can save a lot on fuel which will make your loads even more profitable. They have three plans and you can opt for the one that suits your business the best:

3. 123 Loadboard

123Loadboard is an ideal option for shippers. The platform provides a place for shippers to interact with more than 100,000 carriers and owner-operators while providing the tools essential to understand where your load is located with the help of GPS tracking.

With the help of transportation management software integration (TMS), you can save time while meeting your transportation needs.

S. NoAdvantagesDisadvantages
1Pairs more than 150,000 shippers/brokers and truck drivers daily.PC app not as good as mobile apps.
2100,000 carriers and owner-operators available.Lower rates than same offers on other platforms for similar jobs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 123 Load Board

Additional Advantages:

  • Faster, easier load board postings based no TMS data.
  • Easy payment options and communication with driver.

Pricing: There are basically two types of pricing breakdown as shown in the picture below:

4. Direct Freight

Direct Freight provides an excellent truck load board to help you post your loads and freight requirements – and get quotes from truck drivers willing to complete the work. You can filter and review those quotes and select the truck driver that best suits your requirements.

Features offered by Direct Freight:

  • Credit check orders to make truckers more faithful in working with you.
  • Option to check where your load is based on driver information.
  • Ability to check booked and pending loads.
  • Option to subscribe for text alerts.
  • Ability to check a carrier’s FMCSA documents.
S. No.AdvantagesDisadvantages
1Clear, effective communication included.Only available in English.
2Secure document sharing for trustworthy interactions.Training and onboarding via self-service videos.
3Reviewing bids to find the most competitive options based on requirements.Removing brokers results in having to evaluate drivers alone.
4Mobile app for ease of on-the-go management.Doesn’t require dimensional shipping information.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Freight

Pricing: $34.99 per month.

5. Truckstop

It shows off a wide-ranging network that presents a good volume of load options. Truckstop is known for its user-friendly interface and efficiency-enhancing features. One of their advanced features is predictive rates, which help shippers predict market changes, and carrier onboarding, easing up the process of adding new carriers to the system.

Truckstop also prides itself on its LoadPay feature, which certifies secure and smooth transactions. Most importantly, it was recently named “Best in Show” at the Future of Supply Chain event organized by Freightwaves.

Features offered by Truckstop:

Pricing: There are basically two types of pricing breakdown as shown in the picture below:

Advantages of Direct Shipper Load Boards:
  • Discounted or free memberships for shippers.
  • Tools to track shipment during transportation.
  • Ease of understanding quality of carrier options available.
  • Simple payment tools.
  • Clear, easy-to-complete forms.
  • Information provided to carriers.
  • Easy to get quotes.


In conclusion, finding the best direct shipper load board is important for efficient and cost-effective logistics. A robust platform enhances the connection between shippers and carriers, optimizing the supply chain. 

By utilizing advanced technology and user-friendly interfaces, these load boards empower shippers to make informed decisions, reduce costs, and enhance overall operations.
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