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Less than truckload freight shipping (LTL) is used for the transportation of small freight or when freight doesn’t require the use of a whole trailer. This shipping method is mostly used when the freight weighs between 150 and 15,000 pounds.

While shipping LTL, the shipper only pays for the portion of a standard truck trailer their freight occupies and the unoccupied space is filled by other shippers with their shipments.

List of Top 10 Largest LTL Carriers in Canada

So, in this blog, we’ll be listing down the largest LTL Carriers in Canada that could help your business – if you’re looking for one.

1. Paige Logistics Limited

It is one of most reliable, respected and legendary freight forwarders in Canada. Paige logistics Canada freight services excels at intermodal & trucking services that span from China to Canada, USA and Mexico.

Paige logistics is a trusted partner for many BC (bulk-carrier) freight companies, providing streamlined transportation solutions that boots supply chain efficiency.

At Paige Transport Canada, expect white glove dedicated transport trucking services. Associated with top freight companies, they specialize in offering a wholesome freight matching service for domestic transport, facilitating the smooth movement of goods.

Their expertise:

  • Logistics – They go beyond price and get you the most efficient carrier to meet your timeliness.
  • Trucking – They believe in dedicated trucking. They match loads with trucks going your way quickly and most effectively.
  • Drayage – They provide terminal and container yard services from pier to warehouse, quickly and at low cost.
  • Warehouse – They offer state-of-art facilities with capacity, sustainability & transportation for long-term growth.
  • Moving – They ship internationally from the USA or Canada being the point of origin.

In addition, they also offer exceptional heavy cargo shipping services, and cater to international transportation requirements across Canada and the United States.

Paige Logistics Truck/Equipment coverage:-

Their trucking services and equipment options ranges from Container Chassis to 53’ Dry Vans, 26’ Straight Trucks Refrigeration Units, Super B-Trains, 53’ Step Decks, Roll Tites, RGNs and Double Drops.

They are also specialized in providing specifically designed equipment to handle oversized and overweight shipments. Which also includes Cross Dock and Warehousing.

2. TST-CF Express

It is Canada’s leading provider of time sensitive, less than truckload (LTL) North American transportation services.

Ever since 1928, they have been offering unparalleled quality service and customer support utilizing the most current technology available to the industry.

With their partner firm Saia LTL freight, they provide numerous services within Canada as well as between Canada and the continental U S.

TST-CF offers dependable, specialized solutions – whatever your transportation business needs.

TST-CF Express is a member of TFI international, a North American leader in the transportation and logistics industry.

TST-CF Trucking Coverage:-

Its trucking fleet consists of 6700 power units and 12000 trailers. Two third of its business comes from operations in Eastern Canada while the other half is from Western Canada.

3. Boom Transport Incorporation

It is Canada’s trusted and premium logistics organization, providing full logistics services ranging from LTL to full truck loading and swift deliveries to multiple pickup services.

With the merge of state-of-the-art logistics technology and effective networking, they are providing cost effective logistics solutions to their prestigious clients throughout Canada consistently.

Boom transport inc. Services

The below mentioned data in the table represents the market size, income statement and cash flow statement of Boom Transport Corp as of June 2023.

S. NoCateogoryValue
1Market Cap49.19M
2Enterprise Value110.36M
3Trailing P/E (Price-to-Earning)33.75
4Profit Margin-2.51%
5Operating Margin (TTM)1.58%
6Revenue (TTM)205.87M
7Revenue Per Share (TTM)0.48
8Operating Cash Flow (TTM)31.06M
9Levered Free Cash Flow15.82M
10Total Debt/Equity60.28%
11Current Ratio0.81
12Book Value Per Share0.25
Boom Transport Corp. Market Size

4. Fastfrate Group

They have been in this business for more than 50 years offering industry-leading transportation services. They started out as an LTL over the road and intermodal carrier, Fastfrate has developed into a diverse group of 6 companies operating out of 40 terminals and final mile hubs across Canada and into the USA.

This evolution allowed them to provide their customers a full range of asset-based transportation including over-the-road, cross border and intermodal LTL & FTL, drayage and transload, warehousing, distribution, final mile and logistics services.

Fastfrate group companies

5. Jakhar Transport

It is a cross-border carrier operating in Canada and the USA. They are the top rated flatbed trucking company which is why – No Highway is too long for them.

Their experienced drivers and owner-operators travel coast to coast to fulfill the logistics needs of their clients.

They are qualified and experienced enough to provide their customers with Professional, Strategic and high-quality services that makes them one of the well known trucking companies in the nation.

They are an asset-based trucking company with a rapidly expanding fleet of air-ride equipped trucks, all perfectly maintained for the safety and security of cargo they ship.

Their commitment to excellence extends to their team of highly skilled and experienced drivers who are dedicated to delivering their customers goods safely on time.

6. CSA Transportation

They are one of the leading firms in the truck transportation industry throughout Canada and the United States. They have been in this industry for more than 35+ years.

They strive to deliver the best possible combination of service and price in the industry. As a regional expert with a nation-wide network – they have the knowledge and resources to provide cost-effective, innovative shipping services every time their customer calls them at the time of need.

7. The ERB Group of Companies

It is a leading refrigerated transportation carrier in the food industry, providing service across North America. The ERB Group is known for its commitment to family and community initiatives.

This Group of Companies is a family-owned business founded by Vernon Erb which developed from a one-man company to a reputable trucking company with over 1,500 employees and owner-operators.

With a network of 10 terminals, they are a reliable and efficient partner for businesses in the refrigerated transportation industry.

They are dedicated to excellence and continuously invest in the best technology, equipment, and people to ensure that they remain at the top in this industry.

The Erb Group has earned recognition as “2023 Best Fleets to For” and “2022 Top Fleet Employers”.

8. Pride Group Logistics

It is a North American truckload carrier with a lifetime of experience in the transportation industry.

Their background as a semi-truck retailer continued and is interwoven into their trucking operation process. Their unique approach gives them an excellent benefit over other carriers with an extensive fleet consisting of only brand new equipment.

That results in less maintenance costs, virtually no downtime and excellent on-time performance for their truckload clientele.

Pride Group Logistics

9. GN Transport Limited

They offer a wide range of transportation and logistics services throughout North America. From its establishment as a small transport company, they began to fulfill the needs of their customers.
With liberalism firmly in place, GN Transport Ltd. has expanded to serve their customers more effectively and to generate business opportunities within Ontario, and cross border into the United States.

Since then, they have expanded rapidly while maintaining their level of service and competitiveness. They strive to serve their customers with exceptional service and competitive rates.

They believe and focus on flexibility, reliability and prompt service to enhance their supply chain management.

10. TFI International

It is a Canadian transport and logistics company based in Saint-Laurent, Quebec, a borough of Montreal. It primarily operates in Canada and also in the United States and Mexico through 4 business segments.

They are:
> Less Than Truckload (LTL)
> Package and Courier
> Logistics
> Truckload

They have Canada’s largest LTL business, largest trucking fleet, and in 2021 – It was ranked 6th in terms of revenue among both LTL and truckload American carriers.

Their trucking fleet consists of over 14,000 company-owned power units, nearly 10,000 owner-operator tractors, nearly 50,000 trailers and over 200 straight trucks.

TFI International Market Size:-

As of November 2023, TFI International has a market cap of $9.60 Billion. This makes it the world’s 146th most valuable company by market cap as per recent data.

YearMarket CapChange (in %)
TFI International End of Year Market Cap
Market cap history of TFI International from 2006 to 2023

Additional information about all the Largest LTL Carriers in Canada discussed above:

CompanyFounded YearNo. of employeesYearly TurnoverBranches/Coverages
Paige Logistics Limited201325+ EmployeesAround $1.1 Million10+ Provinces
TST-CF Express1928Around 1,090+Around $308.19 MillionOver 60+ regions
Boom Transport Incorp.201995+ EmployeesAround $205.94 Million85 Branches
Fastfrate Group1966Around 5000+Around $1.6 Billion45+ Terminals & Centres
Jakhar Transport2020Around 250+
CSA Transportation1986Around 250+Around $72.1 Million10+ Branches
The ERB Group of Companies1959Around 1,500+Around $489.9 Million10+ Terminals
Pride Group Logistics2001Around 135+Around $89.8 Million
GN Transport Limited1984150+ EmployeesAround $15.3 MillionOver 50+ Regions
TFI International1957Around 29,500+Around $8.81 BillionOver 80+ Cities
Largest LTL Carriers


In conclusion, the list of top Less-Than-Truck (LTLs) companies in Canada provide a summary of exceptional services, technological innovations, and commitment to sustainability.

These industry leaders such as Fastfrate Group and TFI International provide their customers with reliable and effective logistics solutions. Whether you’re a small enterprise or a large corporation, choosing one of these largest LTL Carriers in Canada ensures your cargo is in the right hands, making the shipping process smoother and more cost effective.

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