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Welcome to the latest updates in the trucking industry Canada. In this blog we shall roundup all the exciting Canada trucking news of September from eco-friendly electric trucks to expanding manufacturing campuses that have happened in the Trucking industry Canada.

Vicinity Motor Corp. Opens Washington Campus

On September 12th, Canadian electric vehicle supplier Vicinity Motor Corp. (VMC) inaugurated a 100,000 sq.-ft. campus in Ferndale, Washington

This place is super special because it can make up to 6,250 Class 3 all-electric trucks and 850 buses. That’s a lot! This move will help VMC address its order backlog of over $150 million and help them make all those cool vehicles.

And guess what? This new place is not very far from their main office in Aldergrove, British Columbia. It’s just a short drive, less than 32 kilometers away. 

VMC’s CEO, Will Trainer, talked about their latest truck, the VMC 1200 and their demand from sectors like municipalities, landscaping, transportation, shipping, and logistics.

Mr. Trainer thinks lots of people will want electric trucks and buses in North America. In fact, he believes that by 2030, more than a million will be driving around – a significant development in the Canada trucking news, and by 2040, there might be six million! That’s a lot of electric vehicles!

VMC’s new place is ready to make lots of electric trucks and buses for North America. It’s like they’re helping to make our world cleaner with their special vehicles. How cool is that?

VMC's new campus, canada trucking news of september

Coke Canada Bottling Goes Green with Electric Trucks

Coke Canada Bottling decided to be kinder to our planet. On September 19th, they introduced something amazing in the Greater Montreal Area: electric trucks from Volvo!

This exciting move was part of Coke Canada Bottling’s big plan called “Toward a Better Future Together.” The President of Volvo Trucks North America, Peter Voorhoeve, expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration of protecting the environment.

Their electric trucks aren’t just good for the planet; they are super efficient. Imagine driving for 440 kilometers on a single charge – that’s really far! These trucks can easily make round trips of 150 kilometers between the distribution center and where they deliver drinks.

And here’s the cool part: when their batteries get low, they can charge up to 80% in just 90 minutes. It’s as fast as having a quick snack!

To make sure these trucks can charge up fast, the company put special charging stations at their Montreal Distribution Center. Three of them, with nine places to plug in, so the trucks can be ready to go in no time.

So, Coke Canada Bottling is not only making yummy drinks but also doing their part to protect our planet. It’s like a big, green adventure, and they’re helping us all live in a better world. Cheers to that!

Coke introduces electric trucks

Aeolus Tyre launching Canadian Branch

Chinese tire manufacturer Aeolus Tyre is expanding into Canada with a new subsidiary called Aeolus Tires (Canada). This new subsidiary is based in the Greater Toronto Area. Until now, they had been distributing tires in Canada through a third-party distributor. With this new subsidiary, they’ll have a more direct presence in the Canadian market and the whole trucking industry canada.

They are bringing experienced professionals to make Aeolus even better. They’ve chosen John Overing as the General Manager and Will Shi as Managing Director.

John Overing, with over two decades of experience in the tire industry, will focus on sales, marketing, operations, and training. Will Shi will focus on coordinating manufacturing and supply chain activities. This shows Aeolus commitment in making good tires for the Canadians.

Aeolus launches Canada branch
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