The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) has been a game-changer for carriers, simplifying the reporting of fuel use. Central to this is a small but crucial element that keeps the system in check, the IFTA sticker. 

This guide has all the information you need about IFTA stickers. We cover everything from what they are, how to get them, where to put them, whether you can drive without them, what are its penalties and its grace period. So without any further ado, let’s deep dive into the ocean of IFTA stickers.

What is an IFTA Sticker? 

An IFTA sticker, also known as decal, is a permit that allows commercial vehicles to travel across multiple jurisdictions while simplifying the reporting and payment of fuel taxes. It is provided by your base jurisdiction along with the IFTA license.

You must obtain one set of IFTA stickers per qualified vehicle and place them on both sides of your vehicle. This indicates your registration with the International Fuel Tax Agreement and allows you to freely operate in any jurisdiction.

IFTA sticker

How to Get IFTA Stickers?

To obtain an IFTA sticker, carriers must first apply for an IFTA license through their base jurisdiction’s appropriate authority. This typically involves filling out an application form with details like USDOT number, mailing address, registered business address, federal business number and so on. 

Depending on your base jurisdiction, applications can either be made online or sent through mail. Upon approval, the base jurisdiction issues the IFTA license and corresponding stickers.

IFTA Sticker Placements: 

It is mandatory to display IFTA stickers on your commercial vehicles. Generally, they are placed on the exterior of the cab on both sides. It is crucial to adhere to the placement guidelines specified in the International Fuel Tax Agreement.


  • Every year fresh stickers should be obtained and replaced
  • You can place a new sticker 1 month before the year end.
  • Remove the previous year’s stickers before placing a new one.
  • Do not place IFTA stickers on the windows, vents, mirrors or tanks. 
  • Failure to displace at the right places may result in fines and penalties.
  • Retain all details related to the IFTA stickers for 4 years before destroying.


  • Place the first sticker on the lower, rear exterior of the cab’s passenger’s side.
  • Place the second sticker in a similar manner to the driver’s side.
  • You can also refer to the instructions on how to place the stickers provided at the back of each set of decals.
IFTA sticker placement

Can I Drive Without an IFTA Sticker? 

Operating a commercial vehicle without a valid IFTA sticker is a violation of IFTA regulations. Carriers are required to display the IFTA sticker at all times when operating in jurisdictions covered by the agreement. Failure to do so may restrict the owner operator from purchasing a trip permit and/or a citation.

What is a temporary IFTA permit?

When a qualified motor carrier wants to run a new vehicle and if he doesn’t have additional stickers, he can apply for a temporary IFTA permit. This is valid for 30 days and it must be replaced with the actual decal within that time period.

This temporary IFTA permit is especially helpful when a motor carrier wants to add additional vehicles to their fleet and immediately get them on the road.

What is the Fine for Not Having an IFTA Sticker? 

IFTA stickers must be replaced before 31st December every year. A qualified motor carrier can request as many stickers as he wants depending on the number of vehicles. Applications can be made at the time of filing and renewing the IFTA license. The license and decal fee varies for each jurisdiction.

You will be fined if you don’t place the IFTA sticker or if you misplaced it. Fines for failure to display your IFTA stickers may range between a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars. For example, a $1,000 fine is imposed in the State of Illinois.

IFTA Sticker Grace Period 2023: 

IFTA stickers are valid for one year ending December 31st 2023. However a grace period of 2 months is given for displaying your new stickers. This means that you can operate with the previous year sticker till February. The IFTA sticker’s colors are changed each year, so you have no way other than replacing them.

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