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In recent times, online forums have become the place to be for people with any sort of common interests, and truckers are no exception. Trucker forum are filled with useful tips and information, and they are a great place to ask very specific questions regarding trucking to other truck drivers.

Whether you prefer to make lifelong friends or simply pop in when you need to know something about your next destination, many truck drivers come to depend on their preferrable trucking forums. Owner-operator forums can be useful especially, if you don’t have the same support as company drivers.

However, not all truck driver forums are the same. Some are easier to navigate, some have many relevant topics, and some are comparatively more active than others. You would prefer to sign up for at least one active trucking forum that is updated regularly and covers the topics that matter to you and your work.

What to look for in a trucker forum?

First things first. So, How will you choose whether a specific trucker forum is right for you or not? Everyone has their own set of needs and desires, but in general, good trucker forums share a few characteristics. They are:

  • Active users – This is arguably the most important factor. The trucking industry changes swiftly, and conditions on the ground change even quickly. The best trucker forums are packed with active users and plenty of daily posts.

    When someone posts a question, they get answers quickly. This is specifically useful for owner-operators, who may come to depend on other users for support.
  • Easy to navigate – An important thing to consider is that even the best information will do you no good if you can’t find it. Look for trucker forums that are well laid out and make it simple to find what you are looking for.
  • Relevant topics – This is extremely personal since every trucker is looking for something different and specific to their needs. Spend a decent amount of time scrolling through the topics to see if they resonate with you and your requirements.

    Are people discussing the things you are looking for? You’re always free to initiate a new thread, but you’ll usually have the most luck if you’re posting in a community with similar concerns.
  • Mobile-friendly design –  For instance, you might have a laptop in your truck, but do you want to have to fire it up anytime you want to ask a question? Therefore, A mobile-friendly design lets you access the forum from your smartphone or tablet.

    But, make sure you’re not driving and reading or posting at the same time, which is highly dangerous and could be illegal depending in the state you are driving.
  • Up to date – Is the available information up to date? Are people even discussing what’s actually happening on the ground right now? Or were the last posts made before the pandemic hit? The more up-to-date the trucker forum is, the more helpful it will be.

Not to forget, some topics are evergreen, and you may be able to get some useful information from older posts. But, if there aren’t regular updates, particularly when major industry news kicks in, it’s likely not worth your time and energy.

Best Trucker Forums

So, the question now is which forums are the best? Again, this will partly rely on what you are looking for. But the top trucker forums provide something for nearly everyone and meet the above criteria. Here are a 6 of the best trucker forums:

1. Team Run Smart

Currently, the Team Run Smart online community has over 60,000 members. This website is a type of forum that is divided into four main categories: Truck Smart, Business Smart, Live Smart, and Career Smart. And, in each category, there are subcategories that delve deep into more specific topics and discussions. The website enables you to easily search topics that you are interested and looking for.

Most of the blog posts and videos in this forum are produced by the Team Run Smart Pros, who are real truck drivers with years of experience in this industry. Team Run Smart members are motivated to discuss topics in the comments of the website, or on Team Run Smart social media channels, such as Facebook and YouTube.

A Team Run Smart membership is free and involves a weekly newsletter with valuable tips and news for truckers.

2. Truckers Report

Currently, the Truckers Report forum has over 2,43,000 members, 321,000 discussions, and 6,700,000 messages. There are multiple categories including Good & Bad Trucking Companies, Owner Operators, Trucking Industry, Trucking Tools, etc.

The forum permits you to see the title of the most recent post, who made the most recent post, and how long ago the post was active in each category. Many of the categories have new posts every hour and the forum seems to remain very active.

3. Trucking Truth

The Trucking Truth was established in January 2007 by 15-year trucking veteran, Brett Aquila. Brett created this trucker forum to help people better understand the industry and make the most ideal choices for their career. The forum is smartly organized with straight-forward categories for its members.

The categories are general forum, a CDL training forum, and a Ladies of Trucking forum. You can also search for discussions based on specific topics, and look back at some of the most useful comments made on the forum over the years.

Lastly, the forum has guide videos where you can learn about the different categories and how to use the different features available while leaving a comment.

4. The Truckers Forum

Currently, the Trucker Forum has over 13,000 members, 35,000 threads, and 530,000 messages. And, within each forum, there are sub-forums that discuss topics that are even more specific to what you are looking for.

trucker forum

The home page also enables you to see the latest posts across all of the many categories and the latest resources where members discuss various products or services that they are using to help them on the road and in business.

5. Class A Drivers

Currently, the Class A Drivers forum has over 39,000 members, 26,000 threads, and 370,000 posts. The forum’s website updates you to know how many users are currently active on the forum and what sub-category they are viewing.

This way, you are able to go to an active thread with your comments and receive responses instantly. The sub-categories are assigned with short and concise descriptions so you can easily figure out what each discussion is about.

6. Freight Relocators

Freight Relocators has more than 13,000 members and 35,000 threads. The forum is classified into a logical flow of categories and subcategories, making it easier to decide where to post your thoughts.
You can see when each thread received its last post from the main page, permitting you to easily follow the action. There are even some novel but highly helpful subcategories, such as the fairly active Trucking Industry Forum, Owner Operator and others.


In conclusion, a trucker forum is like an online truckers’ clubhouse where drivers gather to share experiences, tips, and fellowship.

Whether it’s a digital hangout or a supportive alliance, these spaces play a vital role in connecting and empowering the diverse world of truckers.

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