Trucking rates per mile 2024 | January

As we step into the first month of 2024, let’s take a look at what’s happening with trucking rates per mile. These rates act as a guide to carriers, owner operators, and shippers. We’ll explore the different truck freight rates like dry van, reefer, and flatbed rates across the states of the US.

Dry Van Rates Per Mile

Right now, the average dry van rate per mile across the country is $2.14. That’s a small increase of $0.03 from the December average of $2.11 per mile. As of December 2023, the load to truck ratio for a dry van is 1.93.

The Midwest has the highest average dry van rates, at $2.46 per mile. The Northeast has the lowest rates, with an average charge of $2.00 per mile.

Reefer Rates Per Mile

The cost for transporting goods with a reefer is currently $2.57 per mile, slightly lower by $0.09 compared to December’s average of $2.48. A national reefer can hold 2.58 loads to a truck.

The average reefer rate is highest in the Midwest at $3.12 per mile and lowest in the Southeast at $2.24 per mile.

Flatbed Rates Per Mile

Currently, the average flatbed rate per mile is $2.47. It’s a bit less by $0.05 compared to December when it was $2.42 per mile. As of December 2023, the ratio of flatbed load to truck is 5.13.

Midwest, offers the highest flatbed rates at an average of $2.75 per mile. Meanwhile, the West offers the lowest average at $2.21 per mile.

Diesel Fuel Price

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration the On-Highway Diesel Fuel Prices in dollars are as follows:

01/08/2401/15/2401/22/24Week AgoYear Ago
East Coast (PADD1)3.9593.9923.979-0.013-0.831
New England (PADD1A)4.3224.2964.288-0.008-0.816
Central Atlantic (PADD1B)4.2494.2494.232-0.017-0.837
Lower Atlantic (PADD1C)3.8143.8653.853-0.012-0.833
Midwest (PADD2)3.6923.7293.704-0.025-0.769
Gulf Coast (PADD3)3.5313.5923.584-0.008-0.736
Rocky Mountain (PADD4)3.7973.7553.696-0.059-1.040
West Coast (PADD5)4.5704.5764.504-0.072-0.591
West Coast less California4.0634.0833.992-0.091-0.765

To learn about the trucking rates per mile for the month of December, see our earlier blog post.

Note: All the above data is from DAT, and you can check their official website for more details.


In a nutshell, here’s what we found out about trucking rates per mile in January 2024: Dry van rates went up a bit, reefer rates went down, and flatbed rates faced a marginal decrease. Keep an eye on our future blogs to stay updated on these trends.

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