Questions to ask trucking companies

Choosing the right trucking company is a critical decision that can significantly impact your career on the road. To make the best decision, asking the right questions during the hiring process is key. The following are essential questions to ask trucking companies before starting to work with them. We have categorized it under 6 headings:

  • Questions to ask trucking companies about trucking routes
  • Questions to ask trucking companies about freight
  • Questions to ask trucking companies about equipment
  • Questions to ask trucking companies about safety policies
  • Questions to ask trucking companies about driver’s pay
  • Questions to ask trucking companies about driver’s benefits

Routes and Opportunities:

Questions to ask trucking companies - routes

1. What types of routes does the company specialize in (local, regional, over-the-road, etc.)?

  • Why Ask: Understanding the types of routes helps you choose the ones that match how far you want to drive.

2. What categories of driving opportunities are available (dry van, dedicated, intermodal, bulk, etc.)?

  • Why Ask:  Whether it’s dry van, flatbed, refrigerated, or specialized freight, knowing the company’s niche ensures a better fit for your expertise and interests.

3. Is there an agreement or commitment required when joining the company?

  • Why Ask: Clarifying contract details brings transparency about your commitment and potential penalties.

Freight Handling and Training:

Questions to ask trucking companies - freight handling

1. What proportion of the company’s freight is no-touch? 

  • Why Ask: Understanding the percentage of no-touch freight helps you know the physical demands of the job and potential strain on your body.

2. To what extent does the company use drop-and-hook freight?

  • Why Ask: A higher percentage of drop-and-hook freight can contribute to faster turnaround times and reduced waiting periods.

3. What safety protocols does the company have for freight handling, especially for specialized or hazardous materials?

  • Why Ask: It ensures that you are equipped with the necessary knowledge and resources to perform your duties safely, contributing to a secure working environment for both you and the cargo.

Equipment and Maintenance:

Questions to ask trucking companies - truck maintenance

1. What types of trucks are used by the company (make and model)?

  • Why Ask: Helps in understanding truck’s equipment, fuel efficiency, and technology features.

2. How frequently are trucks serviced?

  • Why Ask: Frequent servicing provides reliability and safety of vehicles, impacting the overall efficiency of your operations.

3. Does the company use trucks with manual or automatic transmissions?

  • Why Ask: Transmission type impacts your comfort and preference, influencing your overall satisfaction on the job.

Safety and Policies:

Questions to ask trucking companies - safety policy

1. Which driver safety features are in the company’s trucks? (lane departure warning, collision mitigation, etc.)? 

  • Why Ask: Safety features contribute to safe driving practices and your overall well-being on the road.

2. How does the company handle driving in bad weather?

  • Why Ask: The company’s approach to driving in adverse weather conditions provides insights into their commitment to driver safety.

3. Is there provision for tire chains when necessary?

  • Why Ask: Knowing if the company provides tire chains ensures you are equipped for safe winter driving.

Pay and Compensation:

Questions to ask trucking companies - pay

1. When will I receive my first paycheck?

  • Why Ask: Timing of the first paycheck impacts your initial financial planning during the early stages of employment.

2. Are there incentives for maintaining a safe driving record?

  • Why Ask: Safety bonuses contribute to overall income and reflect the company’s commitment to safe driving practices.

3. Does the company have a per diem pay program?

  • Why Ask:  A per diem pay program can impact your take-home pay and potentially provide tax benefits.

Benefits and Perks:

Questions to ask trucking companies - perks

1. What benefits does the company provide?

  • Why Ask: To learn about various company benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid vacations.

2. Is there a retirement savings plan like a 401(k)?

  • Why Ask: A 401(k) plan with a company match can impact your long-term financial security, making it an important aspect of overall compensation.

3. Will I get a fuel card?

  • Why Ask: A company-provided fuel card simplifies fueling processes and potentially offers discounts and reduces fuel expenses.

The questions we’ve covered are like a guide, helping you find a company that fits your style. By asking about routes, safety, pay, and more, you’re making sure your journey is on the right track. So, remember these important “Questions to ask trucking companies” as you steer your way to a successful and fulfilling career.

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