Fuel Surcharge Calculator


How to calculate fuel surcharge?

Step 1: Enter the miles per gallon, cost per gallon, and the trigger point at which surcharge kicks in.

Step 2: Select the fuel date for which you want to calculate the fuel surcharge.

Step 3: Select the state you have travelled from the dropdown list and enter the total miles.

Step 4: Enter data for as many states as you travelled. Easily delete a state info with delete icon.

Step 5: Once finalized click Calculate Fuel Surcharge. Your tax summary report with details of total miles, miles per gallon, cost per gallon, total gallons used and fuel surcharge will automatically be generated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fuel surcharge is an additional cost added to transportation costs to cover the fluctuations in fuel prices. It helps carriers cover their fuel expenses when diesel prices rise.

A fuel surcharge is required to assist transportation companies in managing the variable cost of fuel and avoid losses due to changes in fuel prices.

The exact formula may vary, but it often includes factors like the total miles, trigger point, miles per gallon, and total gallons used.

The tigger point is determined through agreements between shippers and carriers. Industry standards and market conditions may also have an impact over it.

Yes, Fuel surcharges are over and above the contracted rates and based on your agreement with Carriers. They are added along with the Contracted rate in the invoice.

Fuel surcharges can change over time based on fluctuations in fuel prices.

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