IFTA Reporting Made Easy

Insights with "My Loads" Dashboard​

Easily capture data

Capture fuels purchased and miles traveled in each state manually, or bulk upload via excel sheet, or even import directly from your ELD. Once uploaded, the automated system will generate accurate reports in seconds.

File on time and avoid penalty

Calculating IFTA taxes can be hectic. With our automated system, reports can be swiftly generated. This saves your valuable time and with reminders you can be assured of avoiding late penalties.

Download or file reports directly

Get an overview of fuel consumption, mileage, tax liabilities and so on with graphs and charts. You also have the flexibility to download, or file the report directly with your jurisdiction.

Ready to Calculate your IFTA tax reporting?

A quick guide to IFTA reporting

What is IFTA?

IFTA is a cooperative agreement among US states and Canadian provinces. Instead of paying tax in the states where the fuel is bought, IFTA helps pay tax where the fuel is used.

Who should pay?

Both private and hire carriers having Qualified Motor Vehicle (QMV) in two or more member jurisdictions should compulsorily file IFTA Report with their base jurisdiction.

When to pay?

IFTA reports are filed at the end of each quarter dating April 30, July 31, October 31, and January 31. If it’s the weekend/ holiday, the next business day.